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RAF Methwold, near Thetford, Norfolk

PTIs - Physical training instructors

Blueform - A blue coloured combination airmail letter and envelope, developed during the war specifically for use to or from military personnel based overseas

Barb - Johnston’s girlfriend in Ontario

Airgraph - Letter written on a special form that was then photographed, sent overseas, developed, printed and placed in an envelope for delivery

Kate - Nethercutt, Johnston’s aunt in Canada
April 2, 1944 (Sunday)

Up rather late this morning but got there in time. Had inspection in the rain and after that a demonstration by two PTI’s of unarmed combat.

In the afternoon we had films of that and of camouflage. A very easy day all in all.

Wrote a blueform to Barb, a letter to Granny and to the bank, and an airgraph to Mom and to Aunt Kate. It’s been a miserable day – drizzling all the time.

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