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3 Lancaster Finishing School Feltwell, near Thetford, Norfolk

Oral - Verbal (not written) test or exam

Barb - Johnston’s girlfriend in Ontario

Blueform - A blue coloured combination airmail letter and envelope, developed during the war specifically for use to or from military personnel based overseas

Bess - Johnston’s aunt in Ontario
June 2, 1944 (Friday)

Had our oral today – did surprisingly well. The stuff must have sunk in.

Got a nice letter from Barb this a.m. and a blueform from Mom and another from Aunt Bess. Wrote a blueform to Mom, another to Barb, and then wrote Barb a twenty page letter. Took me all evening and reread it by a flashlight as there is no bulb in my room.

The cold is a bit better but not a great deal. We’re supposed to fly tomorrow but whether we will or not I don’t know – this cold still has quite a stranglehold.

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