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12 Operational Training Unit Chipping-Warden, near Banbury, northwest of London

AG - Air gunner

III - Wellington Mark III bomber

GEE Homing - Used the GEE box to direct the plane towards a source of transmission

Llewelyn - Flight Lieutenant at 12 Operational Training Unit, Chipping-Warden

Screens - People who had completed their tours, and often assisted new crews in their training

Kite - Airplane

Mess - Room where meals were eaten

Mary - Kirsch’s girlfriend

Kirsch - Canadian pilot and friend, who trained with Johnston, and was later posted to 90 Squadron at Tuddenham

March 1, 1944 (Wednesday)

Up as usual this a.m. for briefing and after my AG’s were missing for a while getting flying clothes (electrically heated outfits) we managed to get off about eleven.

Had a III this time. Did the GEE homing and had all sorts of trouble with crew co-operation. Flight Lieutenant Llewelyn was with us along with three other screens and as I had a full crew it made a fair load.

We were recalled from way up north (the Squadron Leader wanted the kite of all things!) so we have to do the thing over tomorrow morning – only solo this time.

Sat around the mess all afternoon. Phoned Mary for Kirsch and attended briefing.

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