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1653 Heavy Conversion Unit at Chedburgh, near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Deacon - Pilot and friend of Johnston’s

Knightsbridge - Area in west London just south of Hyde Park

K - Kirsch, Canadian pilot and friend, who trained with Johnston, and was later posted to 90 Squadron at Tuddenham

Con Unit - Heavy Conversion Unit, for training on 4 engine planes (“converting” from 2 engine)

AFU - Advanced Flying Unit - a training unit one attends before moving on to an Operational Training Unit

Main Force - Main operational battle group

Maureen O'Sullivan - Johnston was incorrect – Maureen O’Hara starred in this movie

Lyons - Lyons Corner House - Corner Houses were a chain of very large eating establishments, each with four or five differently themed restaurants on as many floors

Piccadilly - Traffic junction in central London, near the entertainment district

Matteson, Ria - Johnston’s cousin in Canada

V-mail - Combination letter and envelope, similar to a blueform
May 1, 1944 (Monday)

Went to the bank and got my book up to date this morning. Have about thirty-six pounds now in reserve and no leave in prospect for a while now so I guess I’ll be OK.

Met Deacon this morning at Knightsbridge where we’d gone for K to see his friend. He’s done a Con Unit and gone on to glider towing after that – apparently he took some sort of course in it after AFU. He expects to go on Main Force in a short time.

After dinner K and I went to see “Buffalo Bill” with Joel McCrae, Maureen O’Sullivan etc in the Haymarket. Not a bad show.

Caught the 6:22 train from Liverpool Station, after supper at Lyons at Piccadilly.

Uneventful ride home. Got here about 11:30. One of the dirtiest rides I’ve yet had – I feel absolutely filthy! Had the train to ourselves most of the way.

Found a letter from cousin Ria Matteson of Rosebush when I got home (V-mail, no less!). Guess I’d better write in return.

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