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March Summary

In March 1945, Johnston continues to fly as Second Dickey on Liberators for Transport Command.

His first major trip is to the Azores.

His diary entries conclude March 2, 1945.

Selected diary entries from this period appear opposite. A summary of the remainder of Johnston’s time in the Air Force until he returned home in January 1946, and what happened to some of the other people mentioned in this diary appears on the next screen.


Throughout March, Johnston is based at 246 Squadron, Transport Command, RAF Holmsley, South Hampshire

Eddie - Pilot friend of Johnston in Transport Command

Azores - Island group in the Atlantic Ocean, 1,500 kms west of the Mediterranean Sea

Place is lousy with Americans - A lot of Americans are there

Canteen - Military shop where members of the armed forces could purchase refreshments and provisions

Wex - Weather, climate

March 1 - 2, 1945

(Selected diary entries from this period)

March 1
Did an air test in the afternoon and Eddie decided in the middle of it to drop in at an old station of his and have tea. So we stopped at Lindley and had same! What a man!

March 2
Got off this morning about 8:30 local time and had a very uneventful trip. Found the Azores sheltering under a great heap of cloud but got in OK under the edge of it. The place is lousy with Americans and we ate lunch in an American canteen – I haven’t tasted anything so delicious since I left Canada!

Got our billets (very good) and found out we can’t get any money here!! What a life. Went to a show (American cinema) after. Not good but not bad.

The wex here is lovely! Perfect in fact, and it’s a pretty place.

Johnston (second from right)
and crew in Transport Command

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