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Below are links to some interesting sites with additional information on topics described in this diary. If you have a related website that you would like to add to this list, feel free to contact us.

Don Bruce’s website
This website provides information about Sgt Don Bruce, who was based at 115 Squadron in the early 1940s.


Alex Campbell Video
To see a 30 minute video re-enactment of Alex “Red” Campbell’s final bombing mission, click below and choose “Avro Lancaster 514 Squadron”.


Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum
A terrific website with a lot of information on Lancasters and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.


A website dedicated to all Commonwealth Air Personnel of World War II.


World War 2 Ex RAF.co.uk
One of the largest dedicated websites on the Internet for those seeking to be reunited with old friends or for those looking for relatives of someone who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.


Ernest “Sunny” Gledhill
A website devoted to the memory of Ernest Gledhill, a wireless operator with 514 Squadron.


About WW2.info
World War Two From an Allied Perspective. A WW2 Resource site acknowledging the people, the causes, and the heroes through personal stories, photos, videos, broadcasts, etc. Lest they be forgotten.


The Lancaster and Manchester Bomber Archive
This excellent site deals mainly with Avro Lancasters, and Manchester bombers in war and post war service, and also contains general information in regards to RAF Bomber Command. It also has a discussion forum.


Wally Smith's website
This website, created by Wally Smith's son, details Mr. Smith's tour of operation flying lancasters with 463 & 12 Squadrons.


Aircrew Remembrance Society
A site dedicated to helping relatives of fallen and missing airmen from 1939-1945, and to preserving their memories, photographs, and documents.



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